Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ayrshire Countryside

These two photographs were taken at the same time and from the same place as the second photograph yesterday.

Instead to looking South, I looked to the West to the Brown Carrick Hills overlooking Alloway. The peculiar objects are communication masts.

Then, looking to the north over the village of Dalrymple, you can see the viaduct of the Ayr to Dalmellington railway, opened in 1856.


Andrew said...

Thank you sir for some great pictures of the Ayrshire countryside. The masts on the Carrick Hills were a large part of my growing up i could see them every morning from my bedroom window (weather permitting), some days you thought you could reach out and touch them depending on the weather. I also used to enjoy walking from the Shavin Brae(before Masonhill) to Dalrymple on a long hot summers day

Katya said...

I am so enjoying seeing the Scottish hillsides...they are so inviting! I just love the second picture!