Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Straiton Monument

At the summit of Craigengower (the Hill of Goats in Gaelic), a hill overlooking the village of Straiton, is the obelisk, visible from Blairquhan Castle, which is a monument to Lt Col James Hunter Blair killed at the Battle of Inkerman in 1854.

The above photograph was taken from the same place as the photograph of Blairquhan Castle.

The following photograph, also of the monument, was taken from considerably further north, on the hills between the villages of Kirkmichael and Dalrymple.


Katya said...

What a tribute set so high on the hill!

I just LOVE the second photo. Sheep are so beautiful grazing and the scenery and lighting in this photograph is just outstanding. Once again, you have captured that "Scottish mystique" so well!

Jackie said...

I love that second photo too. It's very Scotland - sheep, hills, and (especially) Brooding Clouds!

Unsigned Exposed said...

Lovely pictures. Actually just climbed up to the straiton monument yesterday. Amazing views :)