Friday, November 09, 2007

Castle Island

Currently Loch Doon is fairly low, so it's possible to see the island where the castle used to be.

The first photograph was taken from South of the loch with the small camera at a reasonable distance and shows the topography of the area.

The second photograph was taken from fairly close to the castle site with the big camera.


Sorlil said...

I love that 1st photo, the colour of the land shows up beautifully.

Katya said...

What a lovely pair of photos! The color and texture of the grasses in the first picture are so alluring...calling out to come and spend some time there!

In the second photo, I see trees that look like evergreens, but are most certainly garbed in Autumnal apparel. Are these perhaps "larch" trees? That is our species grown here that would turn the yellows and golds and even lose their needles in the winter months.