Friday, December 07, 2007


Since this was a birding holiday, I thought I'd also post a bird photograph. This is one of the pink-footed geese overflying us at Aberlady Bay as headed towards the Firth of Forth to roost, on the water, for the night.


Sorlil said...

Another beautiful picture, I love the clouds.

Katya said...

That certainly is a LOT of geese! I love it when geese fly overhead, and one hears the "barking", heralding their grand entrance. We had geese pass by a couple of times yesterday. This is kind of strange, as they have usually migrated long before this. I could only think perhaps these really were from Canada, and decided perhaps they needed to head a little deeper southward!

And, I agree with Sorlil....those clouds are awesome!

Lilli & Nevada said...

very nice shot of the sky and the geese