Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas bird 02

and I am talking about the Turkey this time!

Merry Christmas everyone, and a peaceful and healthy New Year to follow.


Katya said...

And a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

That turkey looks done to perfection!!! I have never seen strips of bacon atop a turkey before...I imagine that adds a lovely touch of flavor to the bird!!

Chris said...

Yum! I took the bacon off the bird for the last half hour and kept it warm on a plate so that it was less burny than usual - otherwise our bird looked much like yours!

An Honest Man said...


Streaky bacon it is; keeps the bird moister. The carcass is boiled up to make soup stock and the bacon is added to that.

Jackie said...

As a vegetarian I probably shouldn't admit that I think that looks delicious!

We had vegetarian haggis for our Christmas dinner (yes I know that's a contradiction in terms!). It was actually very tasty!

Katya said...

Veggie haggis? Hmmm....now that is something *I* might better sink my teeth into! hehehe

Do not think I could "do" regular haggis. Reading about it was all I could (barely) manage!