Sunday, December 02, 2007

Loch Na Keal

Today's photo is also from the Isle of Mull, this time looking over Loch Na Keal.


Chris said...

Great photo! and I love your Daemon! Looks like mine, actually ...

Katya said...


Terri said...

I'm amazed at the lack of houses. Here in the States there would be houses and vacation homes built around any available water like that. We tend to take beautifl places and distroy them with our greed to have a place to play.
It's a great shot.

Jackie said...

Oh that's a beautiful shot. Yet another place I ought to visit (*adds it to ever-lengthening list*).

Glasgow Daily Photo

An Honest Man said...


The population of Mull is about 30,000 with 10,000 staying in the only sizeable town, Tobermory.

The land area of the Island is approximately 360 square miles so you can work out the population density.

The crossing from the mainland takes about 50 minutes and costs approx $120 return for car and two occupants.