Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holy Trinity Dunoon

Thought I should show you a picture of the inside of Holy T. just after the service was completed.

We were all at the back enjoying Mince Pies and Mulled Wine {The links are for those who may not be conversant with U.K. Traditions}


Katya said...

A very grand looking church, indeed! It is so beautiful. Churches here in the states often look so "new" and rather...well, ugly! Many of the really new churches here look like warehouses!I suppose one of the "finest" churches in the US might be St Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. Old and beautiful. And grand!

I forgot to mention yesterday that you "sailed" to Dunoon...that is such a quaint and foreign concept here! There are ferries and such, but seems like everyone generally drives everywhere! In fact, our neighbors drove all the way to Alaska!!!!

An Honest Man said...

Katya, I should have said it was about a 1.25 hr. drive to the ferry and a 25 min. sail!

I could have driven the whole way, but that would have meant 3.5 hr.

Chris said...

Katya, it's amazing to see our church called "grand"! It's Victorian, and has a lovely acoustic, and we love it - but it's so damp and the paint peels off the walls so that we despair of it ever looking less than scabby. Candlelight helps ...

And I agree about St P's - though I also loved Grace Cathedral in SF.

Anonymous said...

Honest Man, ...

as a photographer yourself, I thought it coincidental that my own father, who was the local photographer in Dunoon for going on 40 years and when his passed I had this put on his stone as his epitaph.

"An Honest Man is the Noblest Work of God"

That was thirty odd years ago now.

Best Regards