Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Blues

Blue becase that was the colour of my hands!

Today has been fairly yukky - overcast, windy, cold and trying to rain. I did brave the climatic conditions on Ayr Esplanade to get a photograph of a black-headed gull. I know it doesn't have black head, but it will when it comes to the breeding season. They are a very elegant small gull - noisy, but elegant.

This shot is of one trying to fly past into the teeth of a gale.


Katya said...

What a FABULOUS capture! I was thinking about birds today...the Goldfinches in particular. I saw one male that was much more colorful than the others. So, I got to wondering WHY they change colors. And, what triggers it? Time to dig deeper. There are so many fascinating things in this wonderful world of ours. But, we often miss them by being preoccupied with other matters!

Terri said...

Oh, what a great shot! I'm not a huge fan of gulls except by water. They tend to move in land here and think they can live near fast-food restaurants. During the summer if you dine in your car you almost always have to do so with the windows up as we've had them land on the hood of the car awaiting any tiny morsel that might be dropped.