Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

No matter how cold, dogs just seem to love playing in and around the sea. Rather them than me at present.


Katya said...

Wait a MINUTE! I expected to see Scotties, Westies, Cairns, Collies...anything but ROTTWEILERS!!! Wah!!!!

Ah well. I heard there actually aren't that many Scotties in Scotland. Sad. They are such brave little souls. Good representatives of a tenaciously strong people!!!
(and yes, I do believe there is a bit of Scottish somewhere in my bloodlines.)

An Honest Man said...

Scotties are much to intelligent to go prancing around in freezing cold seawater anyway.

Us Scots actually took over the rest of the world - they've just not noticed yet!

Sorlil said...

Not so keen on the rottweilers but that gull in the foreground looks interesting!

Sonia said...

Love this photo!