Monday, December 31, 2007

Winter - 2

Another grey miserable day, so no current photograph again, however here is another taken in 2002. This is of Buachaille Etive More, Glencoe.


Katya said...

That is just so very pretty! I was comparing the size of Scotland with New York state. ahem...looks like our state is about one and two-thirds the size of Scotland! The thing that impresses me, though, is that in the photos I have seen, there is a great deal of wilderness there. Guess I need to look at the population next! (oh, and do remember that those of us living in "upstate New York" would LOVE to cut off NYC and send it afloat into the Atlantic...It costs the rest of the state....dearly in terms of tax $$$!)

An Honest Man said...

The land area of Scotland is ~30,414 square miles. The mainland has ~6,158 miles of coastline and there are over 790 surrounding islands and archipelagoes.

The last estimate of population in 2006 was ~ 5.1M, with about 70% of them staying in the 'central belt', the corridor stretched across the country covering both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Katya said...

Hmmm...the 2006 census shows NY state at about 19 million, plus. NYC accounts for about 8 million, plus. our state, almost half live in ONE city! Yikes!

NYC is almost a culture (melting pot style!) of its own. I lived there for about a year and was amazed...People think nothing of cockroaches! BLECH! Rats abound in the city as well. We aren't accustomed to seeing such critters. I lived with a couple I loved so much...I told them we should go on a little outing away from the city. They looked at me so strangely! Why, after all, would they want to go outside NYC? Ugh....

There is so much to see in the city. Good. Bad. Absolutely stunning, and horrifically devastating. Such a city of contrast.

Scotland sounds like such a terrific destination to visit! If only Mark would agree to fly! You and Jackie must provide photos and my imagination fills in the blanks! I am so grateful for both of you!!!